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1 H 20 Minute.
User rating=5,2 / 10.
Director=Julien Leclercq.
info=La terre et le sang is a movie starring Sami Bouajila, Eriq Ebouaney, and Samy Seghir. Saïd owns a sawmill deep in the woods, which he decides to sell. Little does he know that one of his apprentices was cornered by his brother and.
actor=Samy Seghir, Sami Bouajila.
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Earth and blood was a very weak watch to me,i didnt found any character to be interesting or to be at very least fun to watch,all of them were completly out of personality and they felt like they dont belong in this kind of film,story and its moving was also very slow and i found most of scenes to be tiresome and just to unimportant for this type of subject,dialogue was also very poorly written and it didnt catched my focus for more then 2 seconds,which is big flaw since films expecely foreign ones get tough regognition and films like this just put a bad name on them,earth and blood was a french film that is just very forgettable watch.

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04/17/2020 – This was a pretty decent drugs/killers/victims action/suspense movie. Overall it was moderately tense at times but never scary. It will definitely hold the viewer. Suggestion: Try to overlook some of the unrealistic things that you’ll notice as you watch. The main character (sawmill owner) is played by Sami Bouajila (a really great French actor. His best movie is « The Crew 2015″ and is still on Netflix (just checked. Bon Appetit.

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Terrible Movie. You can watch it if you have nothing to do sbut if you want to see a good movie, please don’t watch this. An old story which made many times before.
The movie is very dark so sometimes i felt like actors blurred while I watched it on AMOLED screen
Really Baaad.

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